“The Hole Hecklers were wonderful and fun for all. The guests found them to be extremely funny making many of them laugh. Hole Hecklers made the event a huge success. They helped us raise a great deal of money for our charity. Brakes Plus would definitely recommend them for an event."
- Tracey Powell, Brakes Plus

The Hole Hecklers were an awesome addition to our event. It was a new and refreshing change from the everyday fund raising activities at a golf tournament. Our participants thought the Hole Hecklers were great and very funny. The Hole Hecklers also helped us raise extra money for our charity to help fund cancer research. I would highly recommend them to any other golf charity event.

Scott Pearson

Golfers Against Cancer

Not only were the Hole Hecklers hilarious but they doubled the amount we raised for our charity from past years."
Stephanie Godwin,
AGC of Colorado

"Hole Hecklers made for a great addition to our charity tournament!  We're in our 25th year, and while people keep coming back to support the great cause, we needed to come up with some new ideas to keep it fresh.  I had recently played in another tournament and Hole Hecklers were there, helping to raise funds.  They had our foursome in stitches!  Jon and his crew were so funny, we hired them for our event later that year and they helped us raise even more money for our charity partner!"


- Scott Byrne, President

Colorado Group Insurance Association

“The first thing about the tournament that stood out to me, that I have never seen before, were the Hole Hecklers team of Jon Chambers & Brent Gill. Their heckling act to get donations for charity was a great idea and a good way to get big donations to keep them from heckling a golfer as they are taking their shot.  Although the heckling never stopped, they provided some funny comedy for the hole they were supporting. If I had to rate them, I would give a 10 out 10 and hopefully I can see more of them for future golf tourney’s.” – Michael DeLeon, Spectrum Enterprise and Participant in KidsTek tournament