“The Hole Hecklers were wonderful and fun for all. The guests found them to be extremely funny making many of them laugh. Hole Hecklers made the event a huge success. They helped us raise a great deal of money for our charity. Brakes Plus would definitely recommend them for an event."
- Tracey Powell, Breaks Plus
"Hole Hecklers has CHANGED the way to raise funds at charity golf events. They do  it all! From meeting and greeting at the check in station, to pre-tournament announcements, to on the course entertainment, they are the new face and company for your charity fund raising golf event. I will definitely be using them for future events and would give them 10 stars for reliability, bang for your buck and professionalism. Jon Chambers and his staff are phenomenal for every occasion."
- Marty Riddle, Assistant Golf Professional
Walnut Creek Golf Preserve
"Hole Hecklers made for a great addition to our charity tournament!  We're in our 25th year, and while people keep coming back to support the great cause, we needed to come up with some new ideas to keep it fresh.  I had recently played in another tournament and Hole Hecklers were there, helping to raise funds.  They had our foursome in stitches!  Jon and his crew were so funny, we hired them for our event later that year and they helped us raise even more money for our charity partner!"


- Scott Byrne, President

Colorado Group Insurance Association